Bajó 80 Kilos Y Ahora Es Irreconocible, Su Cuerpo Tuvo Un Cambio Espectacular

Laura Misetich no es solo una joven de 25 años que tuvo un impresionante cambio físico, sino que su dedicación, esfuerzo y voluntad lograron que cumpliera su objetivo que se planteó cuando tenía 23 años.

Ella solía pesar más de 130 kilos, un día decidió que sedentarismo y los malos hábitos alimenticios tenían que acabar y alejarse de su vida para siempre. El problema no solo era estético, sino que también de salud y mental, ya que a su corta edad la obesidad le podría ocasionar serios riesgos. Entonces la decisión fue irreversible y solo quedaba seguir adelante hasta cumplir el objetivo.

Así lucía Laura a los 23 años.


Sufría de dolores de espalda debido a su sobrepeso y además era objetos de burlas.


El problema era evidente, pero actualmente Laura es una nueva persona. Ella misma relata cómo fue viviendo el proceso de cambio:

“Lo que me hizo cambiar fue cuando me gradué de la universidad. En ese tiempo me había dejado mi ex enamorado con el cual había salido durante 4 años, y entendí que había llegado el tiempo de cambiar algo”

Además pronto comenzaría a desempeñarse como profesora de una escuela y le interesaba ser un buen referente para sus alumnos.

 “Quería que mis alumnos sintieran orgullo de mí y que no hablaran mal a mis espaldas”

Entonces se inscribió en un gimnasio y comenzó con una exigente rutina de ejercicios que acompañó con una estricta dieta.

Los cambios comenzaron a verse luego de un tiempo.


“Entendí que no podía estar con los brazos cruzados, sin hacer nada. Antes para pasar el tiempo, lo único que hacía era abrir el refrigerador y buscar algo para comer. No tenía hambre, pero el hecho de comer se había convertido en una costumbre, algunas personas buscan otros métodos para tranquilizarse, pero el mío era a través de la comida”

El esfuerzo logró que al cabo de 2 años Laura fuera capaz de perder 80 kilos, el cambio era increíble.

“You are being presented with a choice: Evolve or remain. If you choose to remain unchanged, you will be presented with the same challenges, the same routine, the same storms, the same situations, until you learn from them… until you love yourself enough to say ‘no more’… until you choose change. If you choose to evolve, you will connect with the strength within you. You will explore what lies outside the comfort zone. You will awaken to love… You will become. You will be. You have everything you need. Choose to evolve. Choose to love.” . . It’s not about losing anything but doubt. It’s not about finding anything but yourself. Everything else – the weight, the inches, the insecurities – that’s just extra.

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Así era a los 23 y así es ahora a los 25 años.

“I am beginning to measure myself in strength, not pounds. Sometimes in smiles.”

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“Los ejercicios completaron el gran vacío que sentía en mi vida. En la sala había un grupo estupendo de personas,con las cuales era agradable conversar mientras entrenaba. Tal vez tuve suerte y por eso siempre me gustaba ir al gimnasio. Y la rápida pérdida de peso influyó tanto en mí, que no quería parar”

There are two sides to every story. Make em both your good side 😉 . . If you missed the loose skin discussion in my last two posts, check it out.

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One side of a bulk. It’s your duty to grow the booty: June cut (caloric deficit) to September bulk (caloric surplus) People ask me “how long did it take” and I sort of chuckle to myself. Yes, I lost over 100 pounds in a year. That was three years ago. How long did it take? It’ll take as long as I want it to. If I’m willing to train, my body will be willing to change. Your body is an incredible machine. For the rest of your life, it will change and adapt depending on how it’s treated. You decided whether that change is positive or negative. There is no end unless you want there to be. Rise and grind. I’m good with both of these looks. That’s what’s so exciting about lifting. You can see what your body can do and try on different hats. Currently lifting heavier weights and carrying more body weight/muscle mass because of the caloric surplus.

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One day or day one? Happy Monday. Make ‘em nervous when your feet hit the floor. 💪🏼

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“You’re always only one decision away from a totally different life.” . . Don’t laugh or brush that off. Take a deep breath. Think about how real that is. Think about those words. How unbelievable your power to decide is. You stand on the precipice of life changing decisions every single day. . . Now count to five. And physically move. Act on it. Don’t overthink it or talk yourself out of it. Just move. No matter what you’re chasing. . . 5️⃣ 4️⃣ 3️⃣ 2️⃣ 1️⃣ Move toward your goal. This skirt is a 26/28 from @asos. I loved it. I wore it once because it was too snug and I tugged on it all night. Not because I was uncomfortable in my skirt. Because I was uncomfortable in my skin. 5️⃣4️⃣3️⃣2️⃣1️⃣MOVE

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Ahora luce así

We came, we tested, we conquered. As you guys know, @flattummytea reached about out trying their products and I gave them a go. After testing @flattummytea, here are my thoughts. For the first little while, I took the “activate” every morning and the “cleanse” once every other night. This coincidently coincided with traveling to Quebec, so it was the perfect time to test things out. Turns out, I actually did feel a difference. As someone who drinks matcha, green tea, and coffee constantly, activate still managed to give me a kick and I was a fan of the mint taste (mint is my favorite tea flavor). The effects of the cleanse were noticeable, too. 😂 After that first little while, because many claims against the use of these teas stem from overuse over extended periods of time, I wanted to test whether the tea would work even if it wasn’t taken consistently, (because at least I’m terrible with consistency sometimes) I switched to just having the activate on mornings I needed an extra boost and the cleanse on evenings I had a cheat meal or felt a bit off. Still found it effective and tasty. Taste: good Effects: good I think I’m going to pass on the tea movement. Remember – there isn’t a magic secret to weight loss or health. There are so many products out there claiming they’ll change the game. Influencers are paid to try the products or to say they use them. The jury is out on whether these sorts of teas are beneficial. Here’s my stance. Knowing this, if you want to try things, try them. I was personally curious, as were a lot of my followers who messaged me asking me to review it. Be conscious of ingredients, side effects, etc. and educate yourself on what people are saying for any product you take. Be conscious, well informed consumers. More importantly – be kind to one another and respect each other’s rights to make their own choices. #ad Opinions are like butts🍑 Everyone has them… but we don’t need to see them all the time 😉

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The universe respects passion. The universe respects patience. The universe respects perseverance. If you have those, results will come.

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Ha trabajado no solo para bajar los kilos de más, además ahora está tonificando su cuerpo para ganar resistencia, fuerza y músculos.

Today is the anniversary of my interview with @goodmorningamerica On this day a year ago, I was standing in the mirror with the camera filming me, silently questioning why I was being given the time of day? Why had anyone decided my story was special? On this day a year ago, I thought maybe I was finished. I thought maybe my health journey had peaked. I’d kept my Instagram quiet until this point. I’d avoided the vulnerable moment of most of my friends and family finding out that I’d ever been insecure about my weight. I’d avoided the fear of judgment. Very few people in my life knew, and #gma was about to share the details with the world. I was petrified. I was sure it was a fluke. I was sure the girl in that chair being interviewed shouldn’t be there. I had no idea how much more room that girl had to grow, not just physically but mentally. And now I’m certain of one thing – when you think you’re done growing, you’re wrong. Every single day, you choose whether you’ll grow. Whether you’ll change for the better. If you’re about to give up on yourself or settle, ask yourself this… Where would you like to be in a year? Figured it out? Now get there. 📍

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Sin duda es un gran cambio de mentalidad y estilo de vida.